Small biography

Bonjour! Welcome to my website!

Here is a little biography about me. I started coding whilst I was still in high school in around 2002 (PHP, SQL, javascript, and C). I also repaired people's computers (I actually read compTIA A+ back then), did a bit of Photoshop and video editing (with Adobe Premiere Pro), and ran a Linux server from home to host websites and tools I used in school. Some of my other achievements back then: I assembled 20+ computers in one night (with my cousin). I built a CMS system for a B&B. Built picture rating web tool overnight for the personnel at my school to rate pictures of our school that we would send to CSSDM to raise moneyβ€”coded a JavaScript debugger (this was before 2006 when FireBug came out). I participated in a robotic contest (total failure πŸ™„). I help build my school's theater play set. I became the chief technician in my school auditorium. I managed a group of unruly teenagers to handle the sound system (soundboard, microphone, etc.), the building of the play set, lights, etc.β€”programmed two websites for my school.

Anyways, I did a million things! So much so that they gave me: Le Prix du Lieutenant-gouverneur award.

Following high school, I built a custom CMS for a book publishing company. I studied at Vanier college and found myself bored to death. So I decided to move on from school and started making custom websites.

I continued with web development and worked for high-traffic websites full-time. After a few years, it was time for me to change paths.

For the past three years, I have worked in enterprise with ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus) with WebMethods, Java Spring, Python, AWS, infrastructure as code, and other technologies.

I invite you to look at my GitHub repo:

By the way, in my free time, I fly Cessna's 172.






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